CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED INFORMATION " At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occured at the Montenegrin seaside... - Lord Byron

Hotel Azimut

Hotel Azimut is representing a unique refuge that unites the highest standards of nobility, comfort and exclusivity, paying a refined attention to all details. Founded in the year 2002, our hotel is captivating with the spirit of cultural heritage of beautiful Sveti Stefan (Saint Stefan).

Welcome to Hotel Azimut

Located in the most attractive part of Montenegrin seaside, the Azimuth hotel is classified as a small deluxe hotel. It has superior view of the 300m distant posh City-hotel, the former fishing island - Sveti Stefan.

Hotel Azimut

Luxury with style

The nautical word azimuth has its origin in Arabic السمت (as-sumūt) – the right way. According to that, the Azimuth hotel is the right way to rest at the luxurious, worldwide known – island of St.Stefan.

Hotel Azimut

Latest News and Events

29.02.2012. | Special offer for the 8th of March
Spend wonderful time and incredible moments, celebrating 8th of March (International Women's Day) in our hotels "Azimut" and "Romanov"!
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